Panther Profile: Tyler Aslanian ’14

tyler-aslanianAs the Edgemont High School wrestling team begins a new season, I had the opportunity to chat with Tyler Aslanian and have him share his thoughts on wrestling, family and his favorite movie.

How many years have you wrestled and why did you choose wrestling?

8 years. I chose it because one year I decided to try out for the pee wee program and ever since then I fell in love with it.

Are there any traditions that you have before you begin a match?

Usually before I get on the mat I do the sign of the cross, kiss my hand and look up to God. That’s really the only tradition.

What is your favorite wrestling moment?

Seeing my older brother Trey last year win state title, which filled me up with joy. He worked so hard to get there.

How does it feel to have your family so involved with wrestling?

It feels really good because whenever I have a question on what to do, what moves I should do, I can call my older brother. He’s really helpful about that kind of stuff. It feels nice.

Now this is your first year without Trey being on the team with you. How does that feel?

It’s almost sad, it’s different. For the past 7 or 8 years I’ve been drilling with him in practice and over the weekend so it’s an adjustment. He’s always been like a coach to me so it’s like losing my biggest supporter.

What is your least favorite drill in practice?

Double-leg takedowns.

What is your favorite movie?

Win-Win…no, actually Vision Quest. It’s the first main wrestling movie that shows the true side of wrestling and it’s really inspiring.

What is your favorite pump song for a match? Why?

Taylor Swift-Our Song. (Laughing) I don’t know why. Probably not normal but I like the song. It gets me pretty pumped for matches. It’s the song I listen to to get ready.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas. I get to spend time with the family, I get to eat and it’s two days relaxing during the season so it gets me refocused and ready to go again.

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