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Colin Hopkins '14 is ranked first in the section at 145 pounds.

Colin Hopkins ’14 is ranked first in the section at 145 pounds.

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Posted by: Vincent Mercogliano on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 3:09 pm.

After hours upon hours of scouring through results, I’m finally ready to release my latest LoHud Wrestling weight class rankings for Section 1. It’s formatted the same way that I’ve been doing it for the past few years – top three in each class for D2. I’ll update these again before sectionals, but this should give you a pretty good idea of how these guys stand at this point of the season. Just to note, all of the records listed for each wrestler came from nwcaonline.com, the database used by coaches to track stats throughout the season. If a guy is missing any matches, it’s because the coach has yet to input them.

I’ll be heading out to the Eastern States Classic tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for more details on our extensive coverage of the biggest regular season tournament in New York state.


1. Kyle Aslanian, Fr., Edgemont (21-4, 7 pins)
2. James Bathon, Fr., Pleasantville (23-1, 11 pins)
3. Robert Levine, Fr., Westlake (11-3, 5 pins)
Notes: A close call with the top two right now, but Aslanian hasn’t lost in Section 1, while Bathon’s one loss came against Clarkstown North’s Brian Hong. Aslanian also beat Bathon at sectionals last season… Bathon majored Levine.

1. Noah Kelvas, 8th, Putnam Valley (7-4, 7 pins)
2. Dylan Mateo, 8th, Nanuet (12-7, 6 pins)
3. Rob Corveddu, Fr., Croton-Harmon (12-8, 1 pin)
Notes: I’m a bit surprised that Bathon cut down to 99 because this class may have been an easier path to Albany… Kelvas has some impressive wins over the likes of Dobbs Ferry’s Nick Cipriano.

1. Tyler Aslanian, Jr., Edgemont (7-2, 2 pins)
2. Andrew Barsuch, Jr., Croton-Harmon (23-2, 16 pins)
3. Mark Taino, Sr., Pleasantville (22-5, 19 pins)
Notes: Aslanian hasn’t wrestled since Dec. 6, but he does have a head-to-head win over Barsuch by major decision. He’s expected to return soon, and as a defending section champ, he deserves the top spot… Barsuch has had an outstanding season with a notable win over ranked D1 wrestler Jon Errico of Byram Hills… Taino at No. 3 shows you how deep this class is. He pinned McLiverty at the Scarsdale tourney, who is No. 1 in this class at D1. You could make an argument for any of these three would be the top guy in this class in D1.

1. Trey Aslanian, Sr., Edgemont (25-0, 14 pins)
2. Anthony Calvano, Sr., Nanuet (19-0, 10 pins)
3. Stephen Samolsky, Sr., Ardsley (20-2, 7 pins)
Notes: After looking like he was going 126 all season, Calvano has made the move to 120 in the new year. That means we have the two most accomplished wrestlers in D2 in the same weight class, setting up a potential juggernaut of a section final. It’s an odd decision, but both Aslanian and Calvano are pretty much locks to get to states with the wild card system… Samolsky is having an outstanding season as well, making this the most stacked D2 weight class in the section.

1. Joe Dillon, Jr., Nanuet (17-2, 10 pins)
2. Adam Mirabal, Jr., Putnam Valley (9-2, 4 pins)
3. Stephen Paternostro, Jr., Pleasantville (18-4, 13 pins)
Notes: Also watched out for Ardsley’s Jonah Gerstel… With Calvano dropping down to 120, Dillon has been at 126 recently and is registered there for Eastern States. It looks like he should have a better shot at a title here… Mirabal missed some time in the middle of the season, but he came back with a couple of nice wins this weekend. He’s been tough against some quality guys, including a one point loss to Trey Aslanian.

1. Christopher Santana, Soph., Pawling (20-1, 13 pins)
2. Sky Korek, Sr., Edgemont (8-3, 3 pins)
3. Chris Bruno, Sr., Putnam Valley (8-3, 2 pins)
Notes: Also watch out for Nanuet’s Billy Thompson… Santana has been on a roll this season and pinned Korek when they saw each other. His only loss came against Brewster’s Liam Erickson, who is ranked at 132 in D1… Korek beat Bruno (2-0) and Thompson (9-6).

1. Drew Longo, Sr., Ardsley (24-0, 17 pins)
2. Matt Dillon, Sr., Nanuet (14-5, 6 pins)
3. Kyle Kelvas, Sr., Putnam Valley (9-2, 3 pins)
Notes: Longo is a multiple state qualifier with wins over ranked D1 wrestlers such as Sleepy Hollow’s Edwin Jimenez… In another interesting move from a Nanuet wrestler, Dillon chose to drop to 138 where Longo is instead of stay at 145 and try to avenge an early season loss to Hopkins.

1. Colin Hopkins, Jr., Edgemont (20-3, 10 pins)
2. Nick O’Halloran, Sr., Westlake (19-2, 16 pins)
3. Andrew Horan, Sr., Croton-Harmon (21-3, 13 pins)
Notes: Although he’s no longer in the same weight class, Hopkins’ win over Matt Dillon is what made him the favorite here… None of the top three here have wrestled each other this season, so this looks pretty wide open. Each one in the top three is having a strong season.

1. Brett Pastore, Sr., Irvington (20-2, 12 pins)
2. Edgar Solis, Sr., Westlake (16-4, 11 pins)
3. Jack McCormack, Sr., Edgemont (9-7, 4 pins)
Notes: Pastore resides in the top spot as a defending section champ. His only two losses came to ranked D1 wrestlers, TZ’s Desmond Djekovic and Brewster’s Gino Gioiell… Solis won a section title in 2011 and seems to be back on track this year. He has no losses to a D2 wrestler… McCormack is a two-time section finalist, but he hasn’t wrestled since Dec. 20.

1. Oliver Oks, Sr., Edgemont (24-5, 14 pins)
2. Peter Jones, Soph., Irvington (14-7, 7 pins)
3. Alex Johns, Sr., Nanuet (13-6, 4 pins)
Notes: Also look out for Putnam Valley’s Willie Messinger… Oks has emerged as the favorite here, with his only loss in Section 1 coming against defending champ at 170 John Messinger of Put Valley… Jones beat Johns in OT.

1. John Messinger, Sr., Putnam Valley (9-2, 5 pins)
2. Peter Smith, Sr., Nanuet (15-4, 8 pins)
3. Chris Kim, Jr., Edgemont (13-3, 7 pins)
Notes: Messinger is the man here, with notable wins over ranked D1 wrestlers such as Yorktown’s Thomas Murray and John Jay’s Billy Gossett… Smith beat Kim during the Section 1 duals, 3-2. He has no losses to a D2 wrestler.

1. Mike Buhlmann, Sr., Nanuet (11-4, 4 pins)
2. Peter Salzarulo, Sr., Pleasantville (22-3, 16 pins)
3. Jason Worobow, Sr., Edgemont (15-6, 7 pins)
Notes: Buhlmann gets the nod at No. 1 thanks to a 7-4 decision over Salzarulo… Salzarulo has been red-hot of late, winning 17 in a row since his last loss on Dec. 8.

1. Kevin Brundage, Sr., Nanuet (17-2, 8 pins)
2. Jacob Wiegard, Sr., Lourdes (8-0, 6 pins)
3. Evan Shalom, Soph., Ardsley (8-6, 5 pins)
Notes: Brundage looks like the favorite with no losses in Section 1 coming off of a section finals appearance… I have a feeling that Wiegard’s record is missing some results, but he does have a pin of Shalom.

1. Dan Breit, Sr., Nanuet (19-0, 13 pins)
2. Matt Acevedo, Jr., Pawling (19-1, 10 pins)
3. James Maher, Sr., Lourdes (11-2, 7 pins)
Notes: Also look out for Hastings’ Christopher Minozzi… Breit is a defending champ and clear favorite… Acevedo is also a defending section champ. He majored Maher last week… Maher pinned Minozzi and has a win over a ranked D1 wrestler in Clarkstown South’s Paul Okeke.

1. Jason Levine, Jr., Nanuet (12-3, 7 pins)
2. Anthony DiNardo, Jr., Irvington (15-6, 12 pins)
3. Joe Morello, Sr., Dobbs Ferry (8-4, 4 pins)
Notes: After taking two years off from wrestling, Levine has returned and immediately made his presence felt. He pinned preseason favorite DiNardo in the Section 1 duals and also has a win over ranked D1 wrestler Conner Reigottie of North Rockland.

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