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Senior Jack McCormack looks for his first Section 1 Title.

Senior Jack McCormack looks for his first Section 1 Title.

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Posted by: Vincent Mercogliano on Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 3:33 pm.

With sectional qualifiers set to official begin the 2013 postseason tomorrow, it seemed to me that there would be no better time to release my final LoHud Weight Class Rankings of the season. I’ve scoured through results and videos (plus all that I’ve seen in person), while also checking out which weight class guys will officially be at based on the seeds for divisionals.

We have ten wrestlers who retained their No. 1 rankings in D2, so there is some significant turnover in terms of who the favorites are heading into sectionals. Of course, just because a guy is ranked No. 1 doesn’t necessarily mean that’s who I believe will win a section title. I’ll get to those predictions next week.


1. Kyle Aslanian, Fr., Edgemont (29-5, 15 pins) PR: 1
2. James Bathon, Fr., Pleasantville (31-1, 19 pins) PR: 2
3. Robert Levine, Fr., Westlake (17-8, 11 pins) PR: 3
Notes: It’s shaping up to be a potentially great final between Aslanian and Bathon… They both beat Levine; Aslanian via pin and Bathan by major decision.

1. Noah Kelvas, 8th, Putnam Valley (22-8, 17 pins) PR: 1
2. Dylan Mateo, 8th, Nanuet (20-12, 12 pins) PR: 2
3. Gideon Bernstein, Soph., Irvington (16-16, 4 pins) PR: NR
Notes: I’m somewhat surprised that Bathon didn’t stick at 106 after wrestling there earlier in the season, because he likely would have been No. 1 here… Kelvas pinned Bernstein… Mateo majored Bernstein… Bernstein beat Croton’s Rob Corveddu (5-2), who was previously ranked third.

1. Tyler Aslanian, Jr., Edgemont (8-2, 2 pins) PR: 1
2. Stephen Samolsky, Sr., Ardsley (26-3, 12 pins) PR: 3 at 120
3. Andrew Barsuch, Jr., Croton-Harmon (35-2, 25 pins) PR: 2
Notes: Also look out for Pleasantville’s Mark Taino… This is shaping up to be one of the most competitive classes in D2… Aslanian missed over a month, but returned to Edgemont’s lineup on Jan. 25. He’s a defending section champ and majored Barsuch earlier in the season… Samolsky beat Taino twice and Barsuch (4-1).

1. Trey Aslanian, Sr., Edgemont (33-2, 18 pins) PR: 1
2. Joe Dillon, Jr., Nanuet (27-5, 12 pins) PR: 1 at 126
3. Justin Jimenez, Sr., Irvington (22-9, 16 pins) PR: NR
Notes: I spoke to Nanuet coach Carmine Serra on Wednesday, and he was still playing it a bit coy about where Dillon and Anthony Calvano would go. They have been going back and forth between 120 and 126 all season, and both are eligible for sectionals in either class. They gave themselves some options, but based on Calvano being at 126 this week, I’m going to assume that’s the plan… It would be a great final with Trey and Calvano, but Dillon is no slouch. He pinned Jimenez.

1. Anthony Calvano, Sr., Nanuet (32-3, 14 pins) PR: 2 at 120
2. Adam Mirabal, Jr., Putnam Valley (27-4, 16 pins) PR: 2
3. Stephen Paternostro, Jr., Pleasantville (25-5, 15 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Whether it’s Calvano or Dillon here, either one would be No. 1… Both Mirabal and Paternostro have had strong seasons, but no head-to-head meetings.

1. Chris Bruno, Sr., Putnam Valley (24-7, 7 pins) PR: 3
2. Christopher Santana, Soph., Pawling (28-4, 18 pins) PR: 1
3. Sky Korek, Sr., Edgemont (13-5, 5 pins) PR: 2
Notes: Also watch out for Nanuet’s Billy Thompson and Lourdes’ Nicholas Jolly… This is maybe the most difficult class to pick in D2. A lot of quality and parity… Bruno takes over the top spot thanks to two wins over Jolly and a win over Santana (5-3)… Santana beat Jolly (4-2) and pinned Korek… Korek missed time at the end of December, but has been back for most of January. He beat Bruno (2-0) and Thompson (9-6).

1. Drew Longo, Sr., Ardsley (31-2, 20 pins) PR: 1
2. Kyle Kelvas, Sr., Putnam Valley (25-5, 11 pins) PR: 3
3. Jon Spiegel, Sr., Nanuet (10-19, 6 pins) PR: NR
Notes: As expected, a lot of guys have moved around to avoid Longo. He’s the hands-down favorite here, and should be in the mix to damage at states… Kelvas is the clearly the No. 2 guy, but then it’s a pick ‘em… Spiegel’s record doesn’t jump off the page, but he’s experienced and has wrestled a tougher schedule than anyone else in this class besides Longo.

1. Colin Hopkins, Jr., Edgemont (22-6, 10 pins) PR: 1
2. Matt Dillon, Sr., Nanuet (24-8, 8 pins) PR: 2 at 138
3. Andrew Horan, Sr., Croton-Harmon (31-6, 17 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Also look out for Westlake’s Nick O’Hallaran… Hopkins hasn’t wrestled since Jan. 15, but he’s expected to be back for sectionals. He earned the top spot earlier in the season with a win over Dillon (4-2)… Dillon went to 138 for a bit, but is back at 145, where he has a better shot at a title… Horan beat O’Hallaran (2-1) at the Super 16.

1. Brett Pastore, Sr., Irvington (32-4, 21 pins) PR: 1
2. Jack McCormack, Sr., Edgemont (9-8, 4 pins) PR: 3
3. Jazz Saraguro, Sr., Nanuet (16-10, 11 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Pastore is the clear favorite here as a defending champ. He pinned Saraguro… McCormack missed significant time this season, but returned to the Edgemont lineup this week. He beat Saraguro (8-2) and is a two-time section finalist.

1. Edgar Solis, Sr., Westlake (23-7, 16 pins) PR: 2 at 152
2. Oliver Oks, Sr., Edgemont (30-9, 16 pins) PR: 1
3. Angelo Zegarelli, Jr., Putnam Valley (28-9, 10 pins) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Irvington’s Peter Jones… It looks like Solis has settled here instead of going 152, where he’ll have a better shot at a section title. He beat Jones twice… Oks teched Jones.

1. John Messinger, Sr., Putnam Valley (29-4, 15 pins) PR: 1
2. Peter Smith, Sr., Nanuet (23-8, 14 pins) PR: 2
3. Chris Kim, Jr., Edgemont (22-8, 11 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Messinger is a defending section champ with notable wins over ranked D1 wrestlers such as Yorktown’s Thomas Murray and Hen Hud’s Lance Perlmutter… Smith beat Kim (3-2).

1. Peter Salzarulo, Sr., Pleasantville (28-5, 22 pins) PR: 2
2. Jason Worobow, Sr., Edgemont (24-9, 15 pins) PR: 3
3. Mike Buhlmann, Sr., Nanuet (15-10, 6 pins) PR: 1
Notes: Salzarulo has been getting stronger as the season goes on and has the strongest overall resume, but he does have a head-to-head loss to Buhlmann (7-4).

1. Jacob Wiegard, Sr., Lourdes (22-1, 16 pins) PR: 2
2. Kevin Brundage, Sr., Nanuet (26-6, 15 pins) PR: 1
3. Matt Haney, Jr. Nanuet (5-2, 1 pin) PR: NR
Notes: Also look out for Ardsley’s Evan Shlom and Guy Backlund… It looks like a two-horse race here between Wiegard and Brundage. Wiegard has pinned Shlom and Backlund… Haney is Brundage’s backup, which explains why he has so few matches, but he has wins over the other guys I was considering here, Shlom (4-1) and Backlund (4-3).

1. Dan Breit, Sr., Nanuet (33-0, 20 pins) PR: 1
2. Matt Acevedo, Jr., Pawling (24-6, 13 pins) PR: 2
3. James Maher, Sr., Lourdes (25-3, 16 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Also look out for Hastings’ Christopher Minozzi… Breit is not only the best guy in this weight class in D2, but in the entire section. He won a title at the ESC… While Breit is the man here, this weight class is deep… Acevedo majored Maher… Maher pinned Minozzi.

1. Jason Levine, Jr., Nanuet (17-10, 7 pins) PR: 1
2. Anthony DiNardo, Jr., Irvington (25-8, 17 pins) PR: 2
3. Joe Morello, Sr., Dobbs Ferry (13-7, 6 pins) PR: 3
Notes: Levine retains the top spot thanks to an early season pin of DiNardo… DiNardo pinned Morello.

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