LoHud Wrestling Blog: Meet the Champs: Edgemont’s Cliffton Wang

Cliffton Wang wins his second consecutive Section 1 Championship.

Cliffton Wang wins his second consecutive Section 1 Championship.

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One of the few D2 wrestlers to repeat this season was Edgemont’s Cliffton Wang. And, believe it or not, he now has two section title trophies on his mantel with two more years to go. I often get asked about D2 wrestlers who could compete for titles in D1, and Wang certainly falls into that category. In fact, he didn’t have a single loss to a Section 1 opponent this season. As he mentions below, Wang’s older brother Ray was a three-time champ who took third in the state as a senior, and incredibly, Wang will have a chance to surpass his brother’s feats. Don’t be surprised if he earns All-State honors this year. I think he has as much of a chance as any D2 wrestler. “I’m looking for bigger things,” Wang told me after winning his second section title. “It’s an exciting journey.”

Here is more from Cliffton:

Year: Sophomore

Weight class: 152 in D2

How did you get started with wrestling? My brother Ray, who was a three-time section champ and third in the state, got me started with wrestling in second grade and has been coaching me ever since.

What is it that you love about the sport? What I love about wrestling is that only you can control your success. I also love how it’s a team sport and an individual sport at the same time. You have your teammates and coaches to help you along the way, but only you can control how much time and effort you put into the sport.

What is the most challenging part about it? Everything about it. The weight cutting, the six minutes of hard wrestling, learning the techniques, and more. That’s why it’s such a great sport.

What have been some of the keys to your success this season? The mental goal to get up on the podium in Albany and also the extra practice I do in the training room and up at ISW.

How would you describe yourself on the mat? Scrambly, and aggressive.

And off of it? Smart, friendly and talkative.

Which is your favorite sports team? None.

Favorite movie? Wolf of Wall Street.

Favorite food? Pasta.

What is the best part about winning a section title? Having the opportunity to achieve my goals up at Albany.

CLICK HERE to watch video of Wang’s win in the finals

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