Edgemont Panthers are Prepared for Sunday

Sec1LogoAs the season comes to a close, there are only a few objectives left to accomplish for the Edgemont Panthers Wrestling Team.  This weekend brings the Section 1 Championships, and the Panthers are up for the task.  The inclement weather has turned this weekend-long tournament into a one day affair, but the Panthers have prepared for anything and are confident in their abilities heading into the action.  “We have a pretty confident attitude, commented Oliver Oks, “ We feel like we are where we need to be.  As a team, we want that Section Title and we feel pretty good about it.”

It has been a long road to the Section 1 Championships, and the Panthers have seen their fair share of adversity.  Storms have been once thing, but injuries to key contributors like Jack McCormack and Ross Kantor have been plentiful.  Both are ready to go for the weekend and looking to find success for themselves as well as the team.  This year, preparation was a little different for Jack, who will be wrestling at the Section finals for the 4th time,  “My ankle has been giving me some trouble,  so this week has been more about conditioning and not reinjuring it.  I know where I have to be physically and mentally.  Coach Jacobson knows I’ll be where I need to be when I need to be there.”

Perhaps the reason Jack and the rest of the Panthers are confident in their abilities coming in is because of their coaches’ understanding of the team and the preparation needed to be successful this weekend.  “Practices have become shorter, higher intensity workouts to get us ready for the tournament”, replied Jason Worobow when asked about what Coach Jacobson had done differently this week than in previous weeks to prepare for the championship.

But the difference is not only in a week of practices leading up to this weekend.  The Panthers have put together a string of impressive victories over the past weeks, and as Ross Kantor affirms, this can be seen as preparation as well. “I think that we’ve had really good matches as a team and individually over the past few weeks. Between the Bronx River Cup and the Dobbs Ferry match, as well as the Edgemont Tournament win, we’ve had some great matches and practices leading up to sectionals and I feel like we’re peaking at the right time.”

Ross also spoke about what was most important to Edgemont’s success once wrestling begins on Sunday.  “A key for us this year if we want to win will be wrestling back hard, all 17 guys who are in sectionals.  If they can get a win or two and wrestle back hard it will make a huge difference for the team.”

No matter what happens this weekend, any lack of success will not be because of the level of preparation, determination, and focus of this year’s Edgemont Panthers.

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