Edgemont Grapplers receive Post-Season Honors

1911285_10151848163421923_422097603_o (1)There are fewer and fewer situations for adolescents in today’s complex world where there is a clear and direct correlation between sustained hard work and achievement.

For the student-athletes that make up the Edgemont Panther Wrestling Team, this is certainly NOT the case.

Wrestling is not an easy undertaking. It doesn’t come naturally for many and it takes a lot of time and effort to see appreciable results. While this goes “against the grain” for many, those that put in that effort and see those eventual accomplishments, earn far more than accolades.  They take with them one of the most fundamentally important lessons that will drive their successes for the rest of their lives:

“If you dream big, keep working hard and refuse to give up on yourself, you can accomplish anything.”

With the day-in and day-out grind of the wrestling season, the hard work is readily apparent – it’s the results that are sometimes hard to see.

That’s what makes our post-season so important. It’s a measuring stick for many. A chance to look back to where they were three months ago, twelve months ago or eight years ago and admire the view from a new height!

With that said, we’re proud to announce the post-season accolades received by this year’s Panther Wrestlers!

99 lbs – George Mellor ‘17
106 lbs – Chris Eppolito ‘16
113 lbs – Kyle Aslanian ‘16
132 lbs – Zach Mohamed ‘16
138 lbs – Brian Evans ‘15
145 lbs – Will Graybeal ‘14
182 lbs – Chris Kim ‘14

All-League Honorable Mention:
132 lbs – Max Worobow ‘16
160 lbs – Marc Ficuciello ‘14

Sectional Place Finishers:
99 lbs – George Mellor ’17 (6th)
106 lbs – Kyle Aslanian ’16 (Champion)
106 lbs – Andy Williams ’17 (5th)
113 lbs – Tyler Aslanian ’14 (Champion)
120 lbs – James Hammond ’15 (6th)
132 lbs – Max Worobow ’16 (3rd)
138 lbs – Cliffton Wang ’17 (Champion)
138 lbs – Brian Evans ’15 (4th)
145 lbs – Colin Hopkins ’14 (Champion)
145 lbs – Will Graybeal ’14 (6th)
160 lbs – Tommy Jachemczyk ’14 (4th)
160 lbs – Marc Ficuciello ’14 (5th)
182 lbs – Chris Kim ’14 (Champion)

Section Champions and All-Section:
106 lbs – Kyle Aslanian ‘16
113 lbs – Tyler Aslanian ‘14
138 lbs – Cliffton Wang ‘17
145 lbs – Colin Hopkins ‘14
182 lbs – Chris Kim ‘14

All-Section Honorable Mention:
132 lbs – Max Worobow ’16
138 lbs – Brian Evans ‘15
160 lbs – Tommy Jachemczyk ‘14

106 lbs – Kyle Aslanian ‘16

Section 1-Division 2 Wrestler of the Year:
106 lbs – Kyle Aslanian ‘16

One thought on “Edgemont Grapplers receive Post-Season Honors
  1. Great job guys. Congratulations to all the wrestlers and coaches on a great year. It’s a great life lesson. If you all work this hard in your scholastic years, and into your professional careers and personal lives you will have everything you’ll ever need.
    Keep up the good work!

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