Athlete Profile: Brian Evans


Years wrestling: 

This is my second.


Just try and keep calm, do some jump roping and get warmed up.

Favorite sport other than wrestling: 

Football, im a Jets fan.

Better luck next year, Ryan

Better luck next year, Brian

Most memorable wrestling moment: 

When I got my first win last year, it was a great moement for me.

Favorite drill in practice: 

Doubles because its my best move.

Least  favorite drill in practice: 

Singles because its my worst.

Favorite food:

I love pizza.  Venetian on Central is the best.


Favorite movie: 

Wedding Crashers


Best gift:

A pair of wrestling shoes I got this year.

Goals for the season:

It would be great to place at the Section

Favorite pump up music: 

Anything Guns n’ Roses




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