Athlete Profile: Marc Ficuciello

Years wrestled:  I’ve been wrestling for 3 years now.

Pre-match traditions: It’s usually different every time, depending on the warm-up.  Just bouncing around.

Favorite sport other than wrestling: Football.  I just started playing wide receiver this year.

Marc plays wide receiver, like Victor Cruz on his favorite team, the NY Giants.

Greatest memory wrestling:  Last year when I got my first win at Sectionals.

Favorite drill in practice:  Half nelson or cradle because I like pinning combinations.

Least favorite drill in practice:  Mat returns.  It takes a lot of effort to drop the person back.

Favorite holiday:  Christmas.

Pump up song:  Hells Bells by AC/DC

Favorite food:  Probably steak.  My mom’s is the best.

Favorite movie:  The entire Rocky series, especially the first one.

Best gift:  Xbox for Christmas a couple years ago.

Marc is a big Halo 4 fan.

Goal for season:  Place in the section.

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