Athlete Profile: Jason Worobow

Jason Worobow

Years wrestling?

“I’ve been wrestling since 4th grade.  This is my fourth year on varsity.”

What are your pre-match traditions? Any superstitions?

“I slap my head gear twice when I get on the mat.”

Favorite sport other than wrestling?


Jason is a huge NY Giants fan

Greatest memory wrestling?

“My sophomore year, my first varsity match as a starter, I was losing most of the match.  I came back in the third period and won in overtime.  That was definitely a big thrust for me for the rest of the season.  Other than that, mid season when we have about a week and a half between competitions, we pick a restaurant and go out as a team and just indulge.”

What is your favorite drill? Why?

“Domination drill. I shoot, I score.  You shoot, I score.”

What is your least favorite drill? Why?

“Mat returns or duck unders. They’re the worst.”

What is your favorite food?

“Brisket. My Mom makes a pretty good one.”

Who is your favorite actor?

“Liam Neeson.  Anything with him.”

What was the best gift you ever received?

“Getting a MacBook last year was pretty solid.”

Do you have a pump up song?

“Am I a psycho – Tech n9ne.”

Favorite holiday?


What is your goal for this season?

“Section Champ.”

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