Athlete Profile: Jack McCormack

Jack McCormack

How long have you been wrestling?

“I have been wrestling since the 7th grade.”

What are your pre-match traditions/superstitions?

“Each match is different for me.  I’m not a superstitious person and I don’t really have any traditions I need to do before a match.”

Do you have a pump up song?

I don’t like to get pumped up before a match.  I used to, but I always used to be too tense for the match.  One day before 8th grade Youth Sectionals I was listening to my iPod before a match and Taylor Swift’s “Love Song” came on, and that was the last song I listened to before the match, and won Youth Sectionals.  So I guess Taylor Swift’s “Love Song”

What is your favorite sport other than wrestling?

“Football. That’s another sport I play.”

What is your greatest memory wrestling?

“Last year, Peter Berman was down 6 points late in the match and Coach Manny told him he need a 5 point move.  During the match, 10 seconds left in the third period, turned around to the coach and put up 5 fingers and his pinky, signifying he needed 6 points to win the match.  We actually got t-shirts that year, it was our 3rd time winning the leagues, it said “3 – “Pete”, it became a running joke last year.”

What is your favorite drill in practice? Why?

“Duck unders.  It’s a fluid movement and that’s how I like to wrestle.”

What is your least favorite drill? Why?

“Gotta be mat returns. Just getting that extra push to have to pick someone off the mat and then get your knee in front is hard to do.”

What is your favorite food?

“It’s boring but Pizza. Pepperoni pizza.  It’s delicious. Can’t beat it.”  

Favorite musician?

“Kendrick Lamar.”

What is the best gift you ever received?

“My dog. Six years ago on Christmas.”

What is your favorite holiday?


What is your goal for the season?

“Section Champ.”

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